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Coyote – Spoken Word w/ Bass Guitar

Bass Music By: Wade Craver @ NorCal BASSIX.  Recorded by ConArtistE Publications.


I call this my “theme” (song) because this was the first thing that I ever wrote with the intention of delivering it in this Spoken Word Style.  That is to say, it was not intended to remain on the page. I was inspired by a spoken word artist who participated in a song on a collaboration album.  The beginning was a rough guitar sound and a driving rhythm that never changed.  The words, alone, captured my attention and I thought that the delivery was incredible.

Therefore, I mimicked this style. I wanted to be bold and uninhibited.  I wanted a consistent drive to the music to support the delivery of my words.

Also, I wanted to perform it with just Bass and so I asked Wade Craver to provide this.  The result was exactly what I was going for.  What you are listening to is an old recording.  But still, one of my favorites! I think that BASS has always played a major role in the rhythm of my poetry and so it is my pleasure to present this piece of work featuring and my main bassist, Wade Craver!




The Declaration of Independence a.k.a “Human Events” by ConArtistE – BassPoet

Bass Music provided by: Wade Craver

 This is my version of The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America (a.k.a. The Declaration of Independence), minus approximately 472 words. I call it, ‘Human Events’.

The Declaration of Independence a.k.a Human Events by ConArtistE

I decided to memorize it as if it were my own, written work.

I did this because of one phrase that gets to the heart of my worth.  A phrase which values my well-being by simply being alive.  A phrase that makes me realize that it is my right and my duty to be the best that I know how to be.  Basically, to LIVE the best life that I can and when I do, I am as wealthy as any other man, woman or child and I am entitled to assume among the powers of the earth the:

                                                                                                                Separate and Equal Station

 Also, at the time that the Declaration of Independence was written, it was meant to change the way we value and govern ourselves, forever.  WE ARE ALL EQUAL. Period.  And I look forward to all of our valuable contributions to humanity by simply believing that we can, regardless of our stations.  That is our “job”, defined in this document as our “right” and our “duty”.  It’s a big responsibility and I’m up for it. You can read more about this idea here:

Why An Occupation Is More Than Just A Job


Therefore, I will consider it a privilege to promote what I consider to be “real value”. The words of The Declaration of Independence belong to us all and therefore, I hope you enjoy my version. I do this because it is what I do best and I thank you for your valuable time and consideration!

Click here for a free .pdf copy of The Declaration of Indepedence.