Creature Comforts

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My second book (Creature Comforts) was completed in 2006 and was never printed except for a few, personal copies.  Therefore, this book has been a long time coming and in proofreading this digital release, I was forced to realize that I am not the same girl suggested within these pages.  I don’t mind.  During that time, I was engaged in a different set of circumstances that I treated like a trap before turning it into my playground.  I am, however, the same person I have always been.  Therefore, I see this book, “Creature Comforts” as a springboard of actions/thoughts taken in the past that have brought me to this life today.  That is to say, it worked.

Those were the days when my mind was only beginning to pound this life into a wrought iron reality.   Since then, I have been working exclusively in this realm.  Therefore, everything has changed.  More on that later.

In this website, I will be publishing parts of all my writings.  I don’t need to confine them into books anymore.  I do, however, like to categorize them by title and time frame so that I know where each writing comes from. Thanks for reading!  -Constance Mae