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The Declaration of Independence:

The Thing That We Should All Know – Human Events

Over the years, I have been lucky enough to get to know some of the greatest musicians and music vendors in the world thanks to my audio/video work with NorCal Bassix. Now, we call it:


However, it all started years ago on my YouTube Page which is where I put all of the best performances that I have personally recorded and edited of the many famous and local bassists and bands that I have the good fortune of knowing over the years.

So, besides being a huge fan of the cool, original music that I have described above, I love to hone my vocal skills and offer some of my Spoken Word to the music as well. This is what I call ConArtistE (Con is the root word of my name and ArtistE is a public performer). In this way, I get to share my written work in a more comprehensive way that also gives me the courage to do some live performances as well. These days, I offer up my Perfect Voice to the ever growing industry of Audio Books. Otherwise, I am interested in continuing to record my Spoken Word along with the endless amount of music that I have in my archives. I do appreciate your interest and thank you for visiting my site!

ConArtistE – ConStancE MaE: