Spoken Word Performer & Writer

Spoken Word is a term used to describe the act of speaking in a creative and interesting way.

Most of my performances and spoken word audio recordings in the past were collaborations that were done with some of the best musicians around!


Why I haven’t updated this website for a while:

I’ve been given other opportunities to enjoy my time and so I switched gears and went behind the camera to create a successful YouTube page, detailing the performances of the most amazing musicians that I was able to get close to, all of which can be seen at:


Thankfully, there was still room to work on my craft!


I also worked on improving myself in every way that I was able to over the years in order to gain some REAL value in my life. How? Well, I gained true health, fixed my vocal organ and improved my connections with others all so that when I am afforded the opportunity to be ConArtistE again, I can offer much more that I ever dreamed possible!

This was no easy task!

Especially when I decided to memorize and perform/record my version of The Declaration of Independence:


In my attempt to do so, I discovered that this document was difficult for me to speak freely because my vocal organ was not operating according to nature’s law. However, I was lucky enough to learn the scientific method for achieving The Perfect Voice (detailed here) thanks to an antique book which ultimately fixed many of my voice issues that often prevented me from being my best and most confident! This, alone, is slowly becoming the most valuable part of my existence because it is something that helps me out everyday of my life.

Meanwhile, I improved my health by eating as much life building foods as possible.

Me on my 43rd birthday on April 9, 2017:


Most of us eat foods that merely sustain our lives. We rarely eat to build it. However, that’s due to the fact that society doesn’t want healthy, intelligent people who realize that value comes from the mind and our ability to operate that mind without any undue influences which is mostly caused by the clogging of our arteries until death. This information also came to me in antique books that I detail here. . .

So, what is value?

To me, it is accomplishing whatever the mind is capable of thinking. That is: Manifesting Your Destiny!  So, I build my wealth with the health that I maintain and with the voice and personality that I am able to provide each and every day that I am alive. Those who haven’t seen me in years will claim that “I haven’t changed a bit” when, in fact, everything about me has changed, all the way down to the cells in my body! This is a good thing and all of it will bring me where I need to be. I can literally feel it at all times!

Writer: ConStancE MaE

This is a part of my life that I can never give up. In fact, I started making money by writing for other blogs and websites.  Although, it doesn’t compare to the writings that I have done for my own, self-worth. So, I am not only a ‘freelance writer’ but also a writer by choice and it will continue to define my path in this life.


Back to Bassix:

Please know that the video & audio work that I provided over the years was done as a labor of love and was intended to keep me close to the real talents behind any recordings and performances that I hope to achieve. Over the years, I have been lucky enough to get to know some of the greatest musicians and music vendors in the world thanks to my audio/video work with NorCal Bassix. Also, we have expanded our bass presence online at: BassCravers.com


Thanks so much for visiting! I hope to see you back here again and in real life whenever possible!

ConArtistE – ConStancE MaE: