Before I did any “Spoken Word”, I simply wrote.  I wrote to become and overcome all things because on the page, anything is possible.  If anything, this website is dedicated to those possibilities.  Writing was just the beginning. . .

“Constance Mae” is my first and middle name and I use it to author my writings below:

Coyote’s Digest: Read It Here!

Coyote’s Digest

My first printed book (Coyote’s Digest) was done around 2004.  It is filled with my short stories and poems at that time. I often put this book out of my mind because, like all writers, I believe that I have improved over the years and tend to look back at this book as my starting block.  Therefore, I see as meager and small.  However, as time goes on, I realize that every beginning matters. For that reason, I now enjoy looking back at this book and often find comfort in the writings within because they remind me of how far I have come!  Thanks for your time.

   Creature Comforts:

Creature Comforts

My second book (Creature Comforts) was completed in 2006 and was never printed except for a few, personal copies.  Therefore, this book has been a long time coming and in proofreading this digital release, I was forced to realize that I am not the same girl suggested within these pages.  I don’t mind.  During that time, I was engaged in a different set of circumstances that I treated like a trap before turning it into my playground.  I am, however, the same person I have always been.  Therefore, I see this book, “Creature Comforts” as a springboard of actions/thoughts taken in the past that have brought me to this life today.  That is to say, it worked.

Those were the days when my mind was only beginning to pound this life into a wrought iron reality.   Since then, I have been working exclusively in this realm.  Therefore, everything has changed.  More on that later.

In this website, I will be publishing parts of all my writings.  I don’t need to confine them into books anymore.  I do, however, like to categorize them by title and time frame so that I know where each writing comes from. Thanks for reading!  -Constance Mae

 Still to come. . .



This book will be a different one, for sure.  Here’s the reason why:

For years, I have been out of touch, not the same and finally altered forever by the very thing that has consumed me for so long.  At this time, I am not free from it but I will no longer be discouraged by it.  Also, I wish it was something that could be easily discussed, a topic that would bring us closer, once again, as family and friends, opening up for the first time in a long, long while.  Unfortunately, it is not and I’m so very sad because I miss the bliss of it all.  How my mind was so abundantly unaware of this long standing truth that, again, cannot be named because of the wedge that eventually happens between us when I do.

What I can tell you is that I will engage in a life and labor that suits this new side of me, like a finely tailored dress that doesn’t seek to impress upon you my individualism as much as my desire to conform to this new fate.  To be clear, the only alternative to the status quo is this new path that I have wholeheartedly committed myself to.  There is no other way of putting it except that I long to disappear into the spokes of a wheel that’s disengaging from its frame.  I realize that this doesn’t explain my position but it isn’t meant to.  Just know, that I miss you and I am sorry for my absence.

           However, I will forge my contribution to this life, knowing the facts and coming to the conclusion that it is my right and my duty to do so.  Thanks so much for your time and consideration . . .