Water & Fire – “I hang out underwater all the time – I can swim to the ocean floor”

Writings About Water/Fire

When I dream about the elements, I try to pay attention. There’s a reason it permeates your subconscious and you should always listen to her:

I’ve never been afraid of water
Even when I pushed my limits
By going too long without air
Until my chest experienced
Brief pain and panic
I always returned – unaffected
In my dreams
I hang out underwater all the time
I can swim to the ocean floor
No person can follow me
Sometimes I find one frolicking on the surface
And I save them from the panic
I lift them and take them to shore
Last night, however,
I found myself choking on some waves
What does that mean?
-ConStancE MaE

Finding comfort in your skills is never an easy thing.  All creativity chokes us up a little. Also, help those who just dive in. It didn’t come easy for you either! There’s room for everyone. You’re not the only one who fills this space.


This one is obvious. No matter what, don’t let anything stop you from doing what you need to do.  Let it burn if it tries. You will rise from the ashes!

My dream last night
Shifted from water to fire
Little patches of fire
I was packed and ready to
Leave my home
But I was forced to remain
Little patches of fire
To burn it down
I’d put one out
Get ready to go and another
Would come about
And laugh in my face
They would go away
But after a while
I left
-ConStancE MaE

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