Setting The Standard

Poem From Book: Coyote’s Digest

by ConStancE MaE:

I just want to set an example
Let her know what it’s like
For real
She’s so young right now
But I can see her all grown up
She’s almost as big as me
She’s not even “mini-me” anymore!
So, I defended myself
With everyone watching
He deserved it!
No one was mad at me but him
I told her to stay away from him
When we were alone outside
She asked, “Who? The one you hit?”
I said, “Yeah.”
What else did this random, old, drunk fool
Expect me to do?
Let my kid watch me be harassed?
I don’t think so!
I might’ve been able to keep
The peace if she wasn’t there
Watching me
I grew up with people like this
They act like I haven’t been through this
A million times before
But now, I have an example to set
I don’t care who you are
I’m done being nice
So, she’ll never be
As sweet as me
I guarantee it!

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